gallant hero!

Favorite Sayings:

  • Hope should be the last thing to die!
  • There is something in life that lies deeper than simply outward show!
Best word: Peace ( Salaam, Shalom, Amani )

Welcome to Adeq- The Gallant Hero's Web Site!!


Adeq was born not long ago, but within the 21st century before we embarked into the new milleniun of 2000.He was born in Wajir district, which is part of the NorthEastern province in Kenya. In 1995 he joined a neighboring middle school- Rahma primary, where he finished his primary education in 2002 and later on went to Wajir High School, where he did his high school education and graduated in the year 2006. Shortly after that he moved to the United  States in the year 2007  where he studied six months in high school (again) to acquire a United States high school diploma and later joined college.   He now lives in the United States willing to further his education.                           

Pictures of The Gallant Hero.

add text, picture possed for graduation day.


Picture i possed for when i was in Nairobi in aug 2006.

great kenyan music.